Anonymous asked:

If ghosts exists within your walls, walking nightly in your halls, would it be so out of order, to give your doors a salted border?

Not if the ghost is friendly, you see

Looking out and watching me

Going about their lengthy days

Wasting time in their ways

No harm has come

No harm has gone

Besides, a roommate

Can be some fun

It makes nights less lonely, you see

The voices around keep for company

It’s startling yes, I do admit

But I rather not to throw a fit

They were here long before me

So I shall continue to let them be

The Morning Ghost

I listen to the morning ghost

She’s fumbling around downstairs

Cleaning, probably, doing dishes

Braiding her lovely hair

She walks in circles through the house

I hear her footsteps make their rounds

She’s so confused, her furniture gone

She hears so many startling sounds

Dark Nights

Tired feet and nightless sleep

In these dark hours I refuse to weep

Shifty shadows crawl my halls

Nighttime horrors mark my walls

Fingers glisten in the night

Tarnished metal is cold at night

Thoughts are drifting like the souls

They stand in doorways but no one knows

Sounds of creaking, crying out

Shouting whispers, please don’t pout

In the morning this all will pass

Until then your mind caress

You’re going crazy, can’t you tell

Your thoughts summon demons from heaven and hell

Vivid, lively, all too clear

The morning light of death too near

Be gone with thee the voices of me

I fear innocent light no more I’ll see