Dark Nights

Tired feet and nightless sleep

In these dark hours I refuse to weep

Shifty shadows crawl my halls

Nighttime horrors mark my walls

Fingers glisten in the night

Tarnished metal is cold at night

Thoughts are drifting like the souls

They stand in doorways but no one knows

Sounds of creaking, crying out

Shouting whispers, please don’t pout

In the morning this all will pass

Until then your mind caress

You’re going crazy, can’t you tell

Your thoughts summon demons from heaven and hell

Vivid, lively, all too clear

The morning light of death too near

Be gone with thee the voices of me

I fear innocent light no more I’ll see

It’s one of those days where I feel too top heavy; My balance no longer rests securely in my mind. My shoulders are burdened with perpetual sadness which the world has left behind as it twirled away from my fingertips. If only I could dance once more with the sun and moon in a balance of happiness and melancholy. Now it seems as though the cold stars in the distance relentlessly mock my dance steps as I attempt to waltz with my universe of fears.